Monday, September 5, 2016

Coast to Coast Pt. 1

My summer adventures continue. I flew into LA ready for an adventure. My friends Zoe and Orlando were the pilots of the road trip with no real plans but to get to Shelton, WA for peace and music with wonderful company. 

The drive was scenic. It's a miracle how the landscape changes as you drive north. Some times the land touches the ocean, some times there are vineyards. Some times the hills and mountains are tan velvet, some times the hills and mountains are rocky with trees. 

There are so many places to go in the world. traveling to different places is what fuels me. The vast differences in atmosphere in all senses and meanings of the word, then to consider how all places are also analogous. Understanding this concept is balance. Just like people. The starkness of our individuality, the absoluteness of our similarities. I find exploration of the world, its spaces, getting to know people, discovery, self discovery, curiosity nurtured is the best way to center on yourself; How you figure out exactly who you are. 

I've made this trip down the coast with Zoe a few years ago. This time we traveled north to Washington and before we drove down to LA from Seattle. This trip completed the cycle. So much of the trip looked new yet I know I've seen these exact places before. My vision is a lot like memories. 

Old friends are your best friends. It's astounding to see how we grow, especially while apart. I said it before, it felt like no time passed between us. Our first stop was in Santa Barbara, CA. What a glorious beach. We purchased Tacos to eat on the shore. We watched tiny sail boats soar through the water, the waves nestling into the sand, people feeling the refreshing energy of the ocean.I love how the water reflects the sky. Palm trees stretched into the sky like fire works on the fourth of July. We walk to the beach to the pier after eating. We walked to the end then got in the car headed to our next destination for, San Jose, for the night.