Sunday, May 17, 2015

Never Doubt

Never doubt yourself. Ever.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Just make the opportunity for yourself.

Then do it!

This month I pushed myself to try things I've never done but have always wanted to do.

No. You won't be perfect when you try something new. What if you find something you LOVE to do while exploring new paths?

Life is about to development. It is about the journey we take. It's about being a student of life. It is about letting yourself get uncomfortable. Explore and expand your levels of comfort.

Nervousness is not bad. Nervousness is you breaking a personal boundary. Take risks.

For the first time I got on stage and tried to perform music with a group I am part of called Coin Laundry. I stopped caring about if I was good enough or what I sound like. I have always wanted to do it. Beyond my nerves. I made my mind up. I did it.

Confidence is key to personal success. Earlier this month I did two interviews. One on Urban Nation Radio and the other with Watch Detroit. Studying Journalism and having Arson Capital gave me the experience needed to complete these live interviews. Surprisingly I was not nervous about either interview. I felt confident and I didn't doubt myself for a second. I find myself wishing I did more of these jobs. 

Photography has helped me understand how getting to know your subject and helping them get comfortable around you with a camera requires a certain kind of communication. It is not much different for interviews.  When you know who you are without a doubt, others will find the same self confidence. 

Be bold. Step into the light of life. We are so capable of anything. 

Don't doubt yourself.


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