Monday, February 16, 2015

All the Time

Yea, I don't care much for Valentines Day in popular culture's sense of the day.

I do believe in celebrating love in your life. My older sister and I were talking about that a week ago. Love is a versatle word. It has so many meanings and contexts. I celebrate love and life everyday though. Every day some one was born. Every day some one fell in love or felt it, I also don't think you need to see or experience love out side of yourself to have self love. You love yourself naturally and that is why you breathe. That is why you eat and walk and use your senses. We live because there is some part of ourselves we love enough to keep going. We give ourselves purpose. That is why it's so important to tap deep into your self love. Don't let others enter that space at all.

It is when you start doubting yourself and worrying that things go wrong. Follow your path. Think for yourself and engage others paths with yours because we walk alone but we aren't alone.

That is why the symbol for love is a heart. We need love the same as we need our heart that pumps blood. It is the reason to live. Find it. Know it. Live it. Love the world and your life because it was a gift given to you. You have the power to make it what ever you want it to be. Realize how in control you are of your destiny. How in control fo yourself you are. 

Photography by Melania Plasko.