Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Year of the Sheep!

Before I even begin this post I want to make sure you not only press play on the song above but know what my work looks like and where my work can be purchased. LOOK. LISTEN.

Cheers to COMPLETELY. starting. over. 

I brought in the new year with a clean slate. I am officially graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor degree in fine art, have the opportunity to follow my own career path and high expectations for my art. 

It has been hard for me to sit down and write this post because I am disappointed with some of my new circumstances. Even though I am optimistic about what my future holds, I have been suffering from writers block. My mind was clogged and blank.

After some much needed free time and creative expression, I am excited to try new creative outlets this year. I have been running around the Detroit area staying as productive as possible and supporting the people around me in my free time until I find a new career. 

The last two months have been eye opening for me but most recently I had a epiphany about my creative career. I realized I willingly gave up on my own position as a photographer when I stopped booking clients, doing photoshoots and wasn't bringing my camera everywhere with me. I am a photographer so if my camera is not attached to me it is like missing a limb or a piece of myself. I realized the only way I will be established enough as an artist in my community is to work through time to do so.

If you are an artist or creative you call the shots on your career. Fight for it. Fight for it because you are important to the world. Fight for it because you were born to make. 

There are many ways to create income with an artistic background but it is all self generated. That makes it more challenging but that is the best part of being an artist. We make our own hours. We make our pathways through life. It is exciting and this is a challenge I willingly accept.  

I know exactly what I need to do to create the career I want. I am involved with the right people and projects to further establish myself as a professional. I have some habits to develop and some resolutions to live out but I will achieve the success I dream of. In time, with patience, nothing is unachievable. With a lot of change in my life and many revelations about what it means to be human I decided to live by these 5 elements:


These words are broad in their meanings and interpretations by others but that is why I chose them. If these elements are on your radar, you are bound for success. 

2015 is the year I shed all my past and walk boldly toward the known unknown. I am no longer concerned with what others think about me. I know myself well enough to know my intentions are never harmful. I know my talents and worth enough to support my life style. I am approaching my every move with humility, confidence and self respect. 

Too often are we self critical. Too often are we hard on ourselves. Work through your mistakes empowered with knowledge. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and keep working at it, what ever it is. 

I am smiling though the sadness. I am laughing through the pain. I am choosing happiness and positivity over everything else because I know life is all about choices. Life is about learning. Life is about knowing yourself. Life is about living. Life is art. I choose to see colors and light. I appreciate everything around me.

This look was shot by Melania Plasko. I am wearing my favorite color, orange, for an accent color with pop! In my opinion you can never wear enough color. It is a challenge to put as many colors together and look stylish. One rule I like to go by is contrast. If you style your outfit to be mostly dark colors, give it a pop with a vibrant or light hue. Play with your colors and don't forget to put your smile on with it. 

Style on.
Love yourself.