Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turn the Table

The other day I held the door for a police officer who courtiously mumbled "thank you sir" to which I responded "you're welcome!". I looked back at him to see if he would notice; haha nope!
I continued walking while laughing off his mistake.
Life isn't that serious.

This kind of thing happens to me more than you may think. It's not offensive to me because I know who and what I am but I do find it interesting. I find the concept of perception very interesting. I get mistaken for a guy a lot. It just seems like people don't really know what they are looking at any more. The labels are becoming rediculous and deadly. 

I don't think what happened to me is a bad thing until people are treated unethically or inequitably because of their appearance. There are obviously differences between people but that does not make one or the other more valuable than the other. We are all doing different things and should be able to do so. We need everyone for the world to run at maximum capacity but if we are constantly differentiating between eachother by basic concepts like skin color or gender, the world will be incalcuably broken. Humanity. Humility. We can live together in peace but that means we have to open our eyes and mind. Find some understanding. 

The answer is not that someone can or can't do something. It is a matter of either knowing or not knowning and learning or not learning. Understanding or not understanding. Being open or being closed. All humans are capable of anything especially with the resources available to us. We are all able. We are all alive. We all have a right to be here.

We are not programed like robots with the same human functions. This is only a concept created by other people. The times are different. We are in a new age. We are all different people than those who came before us and in that way the same. 

People, humans, we are all capable of doing what we put our minds and hearts to. If you want to do it, do it. Don't limit yourself. Don't limit others either. Find peace in yourself and the world around you. Don't live in fear. Live to learn. 

There is no better or easier time than now. Technology is only getting better and people are getting conscious, faster. If we can't move it, there is a machine. If we don't know it, we can learn. If it doesn't exist yet, we can make it. How do you think we got to this point? Now let's make this place exactly what it was made for!

More than be yourself. Believe yourself.

If the world is your mirror, the world believes in itself when you do. Everyone believes in themselves if you believe in you. When you love yourself the world loves itself. Idealistic, I know, but it's true.

Guns are not toys they are tools. Hands are not weapons they are tools. Our bodies, millions of vessels, are also tools. 

I turned 23 on Saturday and I feel accomplished for my age. Not only am I a professional artist, working for Shinola in Detroit but I am a young alumni of the University of Michigan, living on my own in the city I love.

I feel that anything is possible and I know exactly how to work for it. This weekend solidified my thoughts on a different artistic approach to life and I have recently understood more about my life path. My dreams and goals are now exapnding into bigger better ones. It feels really good to be secured by myself and learning while doing so.

I may surprise you with my next life adventure.

Another thought I will share with you is, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. Speaking from personal truth, writing  ideas and ambitions down, helps you achieve them. I think of it like a list but longer term. If you are writing these things down you are constantly conscious of them. Watch the list of tasks get accomplished until its complete. It feels really good to finish something, big or small.

I say this because I just crossed the last thing off of a pretty important list and it was to get my degree. Now that I have a place in Detroit, I will get my diploma in the mail! I could not be more happy about it! I can't wait to show you!

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