Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Back. Daylight Savings.

Well, I guess we will be seeing snow some time soon in the midwest. It's getting cold and with daylight savings, its dark around 6pm. Sounds like winter to me. 

I started at the dial factory for Shinola last week. I am really loving the new job. I am learning a lot of relevant to my career information which excites me. I seem to be picking up the information quick enough. Another coworker and I are being trained by a group of dial prodessionals from Tawain. I found the language barrier to be less stressful when we can speak with our gestures but I plan to pick up some mandrin before the training is over. We were invited out to visit their factory some time next year and I hope this actually happens!

I am being trained most closely by Cho. She is a professional screen printer and a fantastic teacher. I have learned so quickly about her process that I was able to print 61 dials today with only one of them failing her inspections. This made me happy and brought a smile to her face. My skills are quickly improving and this is good news. My new job is not going to feel as amazing when she has to leave but I am so blessed to be part of this project. 


My creativity has been off the scale lately. I think this is due to my recent change in lifestyle. I love my job and it seems to fit more with my personality to be on my own. I think it also has to do with my creative space being the same as my living space. I feel the energy in my place is entirely mine and my energy is powerful in a good way. I feel really good about my life which means I feel inspired. 

I was thinking the other day while driving home that I am living my past dreams. I never thought the day would come where I lived in Detroit, had a job I love, my own place and was producing quality creative work. I am here now and new dreams are being drawn up daily. There are no doubts in my mind of if I will live the new dreams. 

If I can think it, I can do it. 

So I will live them. 

Life is what you make it after all. 

The photos of me were taken by Jabari.

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