Sunday, November 9, 2014

Contrast to the Contrary.

Good Evening! It has been a peaceful weekend in contrast to my busy week. I started the weekend by supporting two of my friends who are DJ's. It was great to see Future Focus and Holographic playing together because they are a dynamic duo. I danced the whole time. 

After work on Friday I stopped by the grocery store to get some lemons and limes for a steam sinus flush later and got my eye brows done. It is amazing the contrast in your face after not having your brows donw for a while. 

When I got home I spent the rest of my evening pampering myself,  First I bowled a pot of water with two lemons cut and squeezed into it. I cut up another two lemons and queezed them into a medium sized mixing bowl.  Once the water with lemon comes to a bowl pour it into the mixing bowl and add a couple drops of lavender oil to the mix. Grab a hand towl. Wrap it around your head and the bowl then start breathing slowly but deeply. Do this for about 10-15 minutes. Let the steam relax you and clear your sinuses.

Next I started the shower where I conditioned my hair, washed it and conditioned again. Exfoliated my face and body with a loofah and a wash cloth. Then I sat in the hot shower and did more deep breathing while thinking. 

After my shower I made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Fried chicken in olive oil and rice seasoning with a side of rice. I put a little soy sauce over the whole dish. Moved on to rearranging my place and doing some small but detailed decorating. Jabari Gave me these disks that look metalic but are quite reflective. I put them on one of my small walls and moved my table from the dinette to the main room of my studio.

I found some new rugs and with a few small tweaks my place is going to be exactly how I want it to be. Maybe I will have a little house warming! It would be nice to share this space with my friends. :D

I like to play with the rules. So naturally when people tell me not to mix patterns, that's exactly what I like to do. I was feeling particularly bold with this look. Dip died jacket, hounds tooth blazer and shoes, verticle striped shirt,  graph paper pants, horizontal stripe hat, and bright red jewelry to really make you stand out. 

 You may notice the jewelry I have been wearing in my latest looks. These are bangles and necklaces my grandmother gave me. I love the boldnes and brightness of the colors. They are also quite shiney which give them an extra level of depth. I love vintage jewelry, especially from my grandma.

Some times when I get too busy it is hard to stay focused on what I am doing. This is because I am trying do more than one thing at a time and I can get lost in the process. Relaxing weekends like this help me recenter myself by slowing down, getting organized then knocking each task out one at a time. 

When life gets too fast it's hard to stop thinking and listen to your thoughts. Your thoughts are more important than how much you think. Don't forget to slow down to hear your own thoughts about everything involving you. Too often do we get lost in the unnatural balance that people try to force feed us. Don't get too concerned with situations out of your control. Let them play out until its your time to play your piece. You have power too, realize your advantage in all situations by keeping a clear mind. 

This is another reason I often don't follow fashion rules and trends. I find that the rules don't follow suit with my thoughts or opinons. This is why I play with the contrary of what most people are saying and doing. This is by no means something I do maliciously. I do this because testing boundaries are how new ideas are created. More than anything I love to learn and my curiousity leads me to new things every day. 

Don't be afraid of your thoughts. 
You know what is best for you,

So listen. 

Don't be afraid of your voice. 
You know what is best for you,

Speak up.

Even if it's...

Photos by Melania Plasko and Megan LaCroix

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