Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Be the Truth.

Last post I spoke a lot about listening to yourself to make the best decisions for you. I would like to piggy back off that idea now.

The next big step is to speak your mind. Be honest! Be straight up. 

No one will know how you feel if you don't speak up. Yes this can be hard at times but one thing I don't like is when people assume anything about me or how I feel.  This is only a problem if you aren't comfortable speaking your mind or don't know how to clearly communicate your thoughts. We all struggle with this but that doesn't mean we can't do it!

Do yourself a huge favor.

Speak your mind.

Speak your truth. 

Make sure the people you care about know you care and how you care. Make sure you speak up when something is hurtful to you. Speak up when you have an idea. Speak up when you think some one looks amazing. Speak up when you need some one to talk to. Speak up. When you need a little help, speak up. 

It can be hard to speak up at first but once you put it into practice, you will be a pro.  I can remember a time when I was so closed off to the world, reading what I wrote for a class out loud brought me to tears. 

I was afraid of myself. I didn't know who was talking. My voice was shaking. The story, the words, they were good. Never doubt yourself. If you need to speak your mind be happy to do so.

Life is a gift, there are too many reasons to breathe, stand on your feet, open your eyes. Listen to the world and words around you. Let it guide you. Walk forward knowing its the only way to find the light that surrounds you. Speak your mind because its a blessing to have thoughts. Open your mouth because your voice is the most beautiful meaningful song written. Your song can only be sung by you. Don't be a one hit wonder. Walk, see, talk, breathe, sing, listen, hear, take action. Make Action.

Feel your heart race to the song. One your best friend found, sent to you and you couldn't hold back the motion. You had to move. You had to cry. You had to smile. You had to laugh because you didn't know how to feel. You were so yourself the world stopped. The shine made a new world, the one you put yourself on. Not where you were born or a place you were put into. 

The blessing it is to feel the sadness or loss, the warmth of happiness, the connections of love. A blessing it is to told a heat from within, to feelt he cold so deep. We spend our lives burried in dead things and covered in snow. Forgetting the internal heat and how our hands move to make, to create, keep yourself warm. teach others. reach for the hand. Please don't fall. We can catch each other. 

Be free and disrupt the unnatural balance we've been force feed. Anything is possible if you live this way. Everything is real when you take the wheel. 

This light is so bright. It is yours and you are the only one who has it. When we stand together our lights double. The strength is invincible. Electricity. We are the world. We are each other. The mirror is always in front of you. The gun is always in your hands and the bullet wounds are always yours because no matter where you point it, you shoot yourself. 

Your voice is a tool not a toy. Tell the truth with it. Actions don't speak louder than words. They go together. It was never a competition for one or the other. We need them both. That is how we trust. That is how we live and love together.  Together. You and Me. Not he or she, this or that, just together. 

We made everything around us from the mentality to the landscape. Nature does not stop growing because you sold your soul. No, we live, grow and die just as the plants and trees. We come back as something else. I hope forever better. The sky rains tears, melting snow onto your skin. Never drowning because we are water. If we are water then we never die. We can neither be created or destroyed. 

Speak up when you Love Your Self. 
We are the Dynamic Attack.

We are the Explosive Ingredient.

The Night Awaits. 

The last FishBone 

In the skeleton, 


We laugh. We Lush.


the dorks with 4Eyes.

The PhantomDeer, 


The Swansong 

from 36 Chambers

Echoing, cutting through space.



A family of light.

in the otherwise



Build a home.


This earth. 

Hello friend. It has been a long time since we've talked.

How are you?

Photos by Melania Plasko.

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