Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just Don't Get it Yet.

Pass me something sharp so I can tear up the mainstream seam. Open your eyes so you don't become the meme. Open your mouth to say exactly what you mean. Yours or mine, it doesn't matter because we play for the same team. I see how they systematically rip up the scene. Penetrate your mind deeper than your dreams. Quick wake up! I'll show you how to spot the scheme. 

To all the punk ass nay sayers who do nothing but try to bring down life's true players; I see how you are scared. Broken eyes, slouching posture, you can't make it up these stairs because you need mental repairs. Your fear is expressed more than you think to share. Not looking into yourself to find the gold already there. Don't mind when you stare because it means your ass is glued to the systems chair. Looking from me to you, quick to compare while feeding me some story about how life isn't fair. The imposter in you stinks in the air. 

To anyone struggling to be themselves in a world where negativity reigns, smile instead of frowning. Life is too short to worry about any one but yourself and those who support you. Life is light if you let it be. Life is happy if that is what your surround yourself with. I have found much inner peace not associating with or being a part of some kind of larger group trying to absorb me into itself. 

I am an awesome person as myself. 

So are you. 

In this look I tried something different by putting the belt over all other pieces. This look is complete by a 90s corduroy button up the back trapeze dress with an olive green buttun up dress shirt under it. A vivid blue blazer over the dress tied together with a black, rose gold studded, belt on top. I like to tie in different colors like picking out a palette for the day. Dress it warmer with leggings or long socks. Dress it up by putting on a pair of heels or anckle boots. 

There isn't enough color in the world or worn every day.  I wear colors for many reasons but my main reason is they make me feel good. If you are what you consume then you also are what you wear. 

If people question you. Remember they just don't get it yet.

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