Thursday, October 9, 2014

Never Loud Enough.

The Music, the colors, the light, the love, it's never loud enough.

 I am obsessed with all of the things I mentioned above and there never seems to be enough of any of them in life. At any given time I have at least 3 songs stuck in my head like the one below.

I have been obsessed with this song for a while. Tinashe has some powerful lyrics and a fantastic voice. This remix is near perfect. Tinashe is an artist I respect a lot for being herself in what she makes from dancing in her music videos to directing them! I would say she is a well rounded artist and this is why she inspires me so much. 

I love colors but I love weird bright colors. I love to match strange colors together like complements or ones that look inverted. This look I noticed the colors look inverted. The olive green and mustart yellow are similar to the inverse of the purple dots in my pants.

Along with funky colors I play a lot with the line between men's and women's clothing. To me the differences are huge in the eyes of our culture but I frequent the men's section at stores.  It is far to common for women's clothing to be too short and too tight. It drives me nuts some times! Don't conform to the standards set in front of you. Question everything.  I love mixing men's clothing or men's style fit clothing in with a pair of heels and makeup. That is exactly what I did with this look.

The more I am here on earth the more I realize how much people DON'T want you to be yourself. Intentional or not. If you have a distinct sense of style or way of thinking, or habit, never give up on it. People are always going to look at you funny. Don't conform to how some one else navigates through life. Until you need advice, you know what you are doing. Drown out all the thinking. outside ideas and imput so you can listen to your thoughts. You may find your path is way clearer than the one people are trying to directing you to.

Don't get me wrong. It is hard to stand out. It is hard to be yourself, especially when it feels like at any turn of the road people you love are questioning everything you stand for.

Just don't forget to pick yourself up or brush the shade off. Keep it light in your mind. Carry on while rocking your true sense of style and you will feel better. People may never catch up with who you are but you are all you need. When you know yourself and what you need nothing else matters.

The photos of this look were taken in Detroit, MI by Melania Plasko! She is amazing. look her up.

-Megan LaCroix

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