Sunday, October 12, 2014

Craft Value.

I am an artist. 

I have always known this about myself.

Art is something I will never give up on because I was Born To Do It. More than ever it is important to work with your talents, to never give up on your passion because it is the reason you live and breathe. While people forget the importance of art or exploit it, do your job to get better, surpass the bullshit that attempts to shape your essence. Art is easily looked over but these are the things that document our time here and reach deep into our hearts & minds to help us think, understand, or learn something new, artists are underestimated... 

For now.

Reverse the perception. Realize the world needs artists. We are the people who shape the world, keep it colorful, keep it stylish. We are the reason people go out on weekends. We are the reason people get inspired. We inspire each other. We inspire the world. We are a community of inverted thinkers and culture shifters. While the media tries to shape the perception of the world, don't forget our counter role in their work. 

The world needs artists. 

We are important.

Never underestimate anyone, especially yourself. Keep in mind that people may be constantly underestimating you but if you use this to your advantage it can help you perfect your craft. The only person who knows your true worth is you. Push Yourself.

For so long I tried to photograph like other people because I thought that's how my work was supposed to look or wear clothes that weren't what I wanted because it was easier to fit in. Don't change your life path because it isn't playing out like the people around you. Don't change your opinions because they are different from the people arond you. Don't change your craft because it's not like what other people make. The message is still clear. Be Yourself.

People want you to stay in a box they set up for you. This is a reason being an artist is so hard! 

Life is simple but because humans are complex, we make life complicated. The box you initially play in is not your entire life or even a box at all. The important detail to remember is the box was set up by another person.. You are welcome to step out of it when you decide. This is the ground work for you to then leap! Explore, be curious, learn something new. Figure out who you are and how you work.

Art is hard but Art is the truth.

You are the truth.

And the truth is hard to hear, see and believe. 

If you know you are an artist don't veer away because it's not a popular decision. Listen to yourself. 

Everything is what you make it. Art is life. Life is art. Don't let anyone make your life but you. We are only here for so long and what you have to say, show, make, live is important if not only to you but the world.

Photos by Melania Plasko.

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