Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Listen to this Milo album. I don't have much to say but I have written a lot. I would like to share a little of my writing with you.

Consume me. Whole.
That is the only way
I am effective.

My element fire
but I am complete
by water.

This is where I am
light enough to float
the way I am supposed to
float like smoke.

Magick trick
with a saw.
You never see.
It is only an illusion.

Which part
would you like to know?
either way..
I am still crammed
into a box.

Birds gathering in flocks.
Their wings clipped.
minds being sipped.
hearts being ripped.

I drink to entire Reservoir.
it holds me.
Does that make it holy?
listening to the words
you told me.

I am turning blue
my blood runs cold

I am the kind of metal
you can't fold.
The person you love
to hold.
waiting around until
I mold.

The only thing
that makes me smile
is light.

Not the kind we
control by power.
but the kind that shines
to break the night.

Behind my eyes
I take flight.
I soar through
the stars.
my home base is mars.

More glorious
than a field of flowers.
I hold myself
higher than towers.
When I cry
we call it the may showers.

If you can only see
what you wish to beleive
the magick trick
is exactly how you wish
to decieve.

The whole wide world
is illuminated
by the sun.
so you know
where to run.

Every one together
makes a higher
form of god.
The one where we
control our fate.
Where we eliminate
all forms of hate.

Believe in Love and life
not hate and fear.
This message has
remained clear.

Consume me. Whole.
This is how we nurture our gifts.
This is how the weight lifts.
This is how the world shifts.

Remove the myths.
Shaken sturred lines.
Down the hatch.

Love yourself.
Love your world.

This is the heat that will make you sleep.
The memories you long to keep.

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