Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stand Out

Most of the time I feel like I stand out an absurd amount. I know this is because creative people are a little different butl, it makes me a bit anxious. I have always been shy. So a lot of looking in my general direction is enough to make me turn red.

On top of being shy, I am clumsy! It is not a good combination. I am the first to spill a drink in someones lap or fall backwards from my chair to the floor. So. Awkward. Naturally my contradicting habits and personality leave me with a lot of stares and heat rushing to my face.

I blush.

A lot.

No matter how clumsy or shy, I am not afraid to try anything. I know how to laugh at myself instead of taking myself too seriously. This is a really good habit to hold onto. Be able to laugh at your mistakes or when you are upset about something. This may seem like  hard habit to keep but if you just slow down before the emotions kick in you can save yourself from a lot of wasted time.

No matter how calm I try to be there is always room for error and I will admit some times my emotions still get the best of me. Know that it is also OKAY to mess up if you can fess up to it and apologize.

This is a concept my new job has been constantly reminding me of. Accountability. Holding yourself accountable for the things you say and do. This is a really hard thing to do, even when it is small. Being honest and admitting to your faults will get you a whole lot farther than playing the blame game or lying. This is my advice, you play the game how you want to. We learn faster from living than we do from listening anyway.

This weeks look is a sporty but rock n roll combination. Playing with the height and fit of the chrome greek goddess dress I found at forever 21. I tied up the bottom to show off the boots and shorten the length. When I hit the closet to get dressed I am thinking of ways to wear the clothes I have different ways.

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