Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little About A Lot

All my life people have told me to smile more. I never really took their advice. I shrugged it off and acted like what they said wasn't serious. Lately I have been reconsidering how I responded to some one saying that to me. Why would I ever shrug off people wanting to see me happy? That seems silly right?

Never stop listening.

You don't have to take action on what you hear but be active with your ears. A lot of the time, even if you don't wantto hear it, the advice you are given, even from strangers, is really helpful.  It has not been until recently I realized how TRUE this statement is!


In fact I should smile all the time. I am a happy person.

I have a coworker I admire because she is always light. She is always smiling. She is always cheerful. I enjoy being around her because of that. I can feel it is sincere too. Today while we worked together I told her that I admire her and asked how she smiles all the time. Her response was so obvious. We have ALL heard it before in some way or another.

"you put your smile on with your clothes"

I love it. I promise to put my smile on tomorrow and not take it off. There is no reason not to smile when life is with you. I am alive therefore I am happy. There is no need for the heavy emotions to rule when there is so much to be happy about.

Getting older and moving out into the world on your own can spark a lot of raw emotions you never thought you had. It can also make you realise things about yourself that you may not like or know were habits.

Being constrctively critical of yourself is important if you are trying to achieve something. No one is perfect but we know what we want to look like, do and achieve. I have been taking many steps to better myself in the last couple weeks. I love myself and want to grow into who I dream of being. I have many goals and know I can't stay the same if I want to grow.

The power of your mind is impressive. If you can think it, you can do it.

This is the truth.

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