Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Night Before

This is the night before a big change in my life. I start at Shinola in the morning. There is no telling what is in store. I start my orientation and get a picture ID, that is all I know.

I have been house sitting for a couple in Southwest Detroit. In the mean time I'm starting my new job and looking for my own place to call home. The search has not been easy but I am staying optimistic about it. The house I am staying in is very old and the owners say it was built in the early 1900's from a Sears catalogue. So the entire interior is embellished with wood and weird quirks. I have been photographing as I have stayed here. The natural light is fantastic. I will make a special post about the house over the week.

It has been a month of sad good byes and exciting hellos. I have officially moved out of my place in Ann Arbor which means I had to say good bye to Melania. I also had to move Arey, my pet cat, into the house I am sitting. The transfer process has been a slight struggle for him but as the days go by he is getting more comfortable.

This shoot Mel and I did most recently was one I could finally just let loose. I dropped my gaurd and let my personality flow out of me. One of the reasons I use lookbook and myself as a model is to get more comfortable with how I look on camera. It is a great way to appreciate your body, looks and personal style. I use this time to really express myself. In my opinion it has been helping with my self esteem. I feel good after I photograph.

This outfit is more of my sporty side. The pants I got in Japan this summer and the shoes I found at Meijer oddly enough.

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