Saturday, August 23, 2014

My First Week and Far as I can See

This marks my first full week at Shinola. I love working there so far. The atmosphere is really positive and people are friendly. In this week I switched from my first station where I put metal buckles onto the watch bands to a station where I point stitch the leather bands. Many of these stations remind me of things I did in the metals studio at school.

My goal is to know how to make a watch band from start to finish by the end of the year. Advice for anyone trying something new at their job or working full time for the first time, is to be a sponge for information. I am learning as much as I can. What I find is that learning happens in all kinds of places in our lives. What I learn from most is watching the people around me do things. All I can do besides put 110% into my work is learn as much as I can. 

So what you may notice is my style is a bit quirky and very colorful. This is who I am. When I was growing up, going through middle school and high school, I had a hard time dressing the way I wanted to. I was learning how to be myself. When other kids made fun of me for being different I stopped dressing the way I wanted to. After rediscovering so many things I knew about myself in college the color and quirk could not help but manifest in my style again. 

If there is one thing I know, it is to always be yourself. Whether that means dressing the way you want to or being the voice of a different opinion, you should always feel comfortable being yourself. This is somehting my parents always instilled in me and some how I still got confused because outside sources seemed to scream something else. 

If you know nothing but this about the world and the USA's Pop Culture, it is that nearly everything is trying to make you stop being unique. The Media and Main Stream crowds want you to follow, not lead. Be like them not yourself. If there is something different about you don't get down on yourself about it. Instead nurture what it is about you that is different. We are all alive and here for a reason. I am not saying our lives are planned by some other being. I am saying we are all really good at many things but if we don't embrace ourselves or our talents or speak up when we have different ideas we are denying ourselves the life we are given. 

You may not be 'Popular' or with the 'In Crowd' but I promise you that if you keep yourself positive, be yourself, and keep pushing forward, everything that you are dreaming of will come to you. Maybe not in the form you expected or right when you want it but know that if you are supposed to do something it will happen. I beleive that you attract what you keep in your mind and what you keep around you. 

Never settle.

Always push yourself.

Keep an open mind. 

Never stop learning.

If you are yourself and remember these things even when it is hard to do, you are bound to find success in life. Stay healthy and positive. Love yourself.

Megan LaCroix 

P.s. This song goes out to all those trying to remove themselves from Pretenders in their life. 

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