Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello! I am back.

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunday in Ann Arbor. I am Proud to announce I have accepted a fulltime position at Shinola in Detroit. I am moving to the D this week and I am very proud of myself. Since gradution from the University of Michigan I have been quite lost but still making things. I have thankfully had my room mate Melania around to help get rid of some nervous creative energy. Last week we did a shoot in the rain.

Part of me thinks we created the storm with our powerful creativity. As the wind blew we used it to make our outfits look better and as the rain poured down I walked confidently into the parking lot exclaiming "I'm not so sweet I'll melt."

The only way to get what you want and different results is to play with all the curcumstances given to you. So I don't have a photo studio.. does that mean I don't take photos? No, the world is your studio.

The world is your studio and the lighting is perfect, unexpected and magical. The older and farther from wilderness I get the more I feel connected to it. I love how green our earth is, naturally. I love how tied into the water cycle we are as people.

These last couple months have been a struggle with many mysteries of life to be solved but that is the beauty about natural light and life. It is all a mystery. You get what the day brings and that is what you have to work with. I don't know about you but I am always ready for it.

A special Shout out to @nightwaits for the photographs of me. 

Until next time...

Don't forget to stay All Around Styled and keep it positive.

Megan LaCroix

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