Monday, April 29, 2013


It was hella foggy last night from the cold weather and some rain. I went out with my tripod to do some much needed long exposures!



Teaching some photography skills to a good friend of mine. We will see if what I teach yields any powerful results.


Saturday, April 13, 2013


Not all things that are dark or seem bad are as bad as they are perceived. I have found that if you take a closer look at the dark or socially considered 'bad' things that the finer details are not observed. Don't make blind or surface deep assumptions because you are wrong most of the time.



Spring is in the air but the saying is, April showers bring May flowers. I believe it!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today is my 100th photograph from this year! It is amazing how time flies! Not only is is my 100ths photo but it was my last day working with the kids at Head Start in Detroit, Michigan. I was very sad to be leaving and I think the kids knew it was my last time saying goodbye to them. Soon I will be back and who knows when I might have a few of my own! 

It is funny how some kids really have an impact on you. There were several kids in this classroom that simply inspired me to push forward with my schooling and persue my passion for kids. It is always hard to say goodbye to any one but it is something we have to do all the time. People are in and out of our lives constantly but it is hard for me to understand myself as one of those people. A person in and out of other peoples lives. The thought is a little painful. I like to think that I don't actually leave but I just can't be as close or available.

When we change schedules or go in different directions the people we are closest with are obviously going to change but does that mean that we are actually gone? Or are we just in a different place? I will never really know what kind of impact I had on any of these kids but I can only hope that at least one or two of these kids.

Love yourself. Love your family. (blood or by loyalty) Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Follow your heart.


Monday, April 8, 2013


Today I walked on clouds through an inverted sky after a rain storm in may. 



If I ever feel bad about things going on around me I normally look to the sky for help and inspiration.



I spent some time with a good friend of mine at this new pizza place in town. I don't want to let the secret out but this place has the BEST sandwiches ever. I love food and I can't wait to go back!



The after math of LIFE IN COLOR DANCE PARTY! This was a totaly blast. I went with several of my friends and I can't wait to go again next year. Maybe I will throw my own paint party some time.



There are so many things I have to tell you.



Some times it is the fine details, the ones you have to look at real close that matter the most or hold the most meaning.



My only salvation.



Stoopid Kid!