Thursday, March 14, 2013

coffee stop

We sit here, still or seemingly motionless
while the city moves around us.
Slow motion sipping a coffee.
Just warm and sweet enough to drink right up.
The warmth lingers on my lips
in a similar way the back light of the sun illuminates your frame.
A giant window with a backdrop,
A man running across the street, 2 bikers and some 20 cars go by in an instant.
While we sit quietlyy, calmly,
writing or lost in our minds.
In the window is eternal slow motion
and only when we choose to step back out will we return.
One sweet thought to another trickle down your head
to your hand to be written where it counts.
A couple men doing construction just left of your head
remind me of the way our thoughts are built up to letter spread across the page.
A steady flow of thought.
The wood table littered with our trash,
cups filled with coffee, food mostly finished, the fork placed neatly on a napkin..
A glance from the outside in,
or is it the opposite.
Where are you going?
Why did we catch your attention?
From our eyes to our pens moving frantically,
racing to complete the thoughts the day has inspired.
another short moment passed.
We are still writing the same sentence from before.
Does our time travel through eye contact?
Your face gets a little serious and
I know your thoughts are deep,

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