Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So I am back here again.
Pondering life and death.
How temporary we all are.
This post goes out
to a friend, artist, and peer
that passed this week.

When a soul leaves this precious world
you can hear its hollow cry.
I knew it
I felt it today
but not until recently
understood why.

This is what I know
Death is a part of life
but when it comes so early
that is what gives me a scare
like why did it have to be you
so my heart begins to tear.
what spills out
are a bunch of desperate thoughts

tell me your ideas
did not die with you
tell me all your thoughts
Did not die with you
tell me all your dreams
did not die with you
tell it all.
I want to know

I would search through the pages
to manifest them just like you wanted.
We are nothing but our ideas
So I will bring you back to us that way.

I could feel you slip away
because a part of me was gone.
Or was it more present?
a part of you is alive
in all of the people you touched
in every piece you made.


It was truly an honor to know and work with you. I know that you are in a better place now and I will think of you often.

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