Friday, February 22, 2013


The light came in through the window
spilling across the wall while illuminating the room
Just like every other day but today I felt it.
The light looked different and I could feel it
I opened my eyes a little wider

I sat at a table in the middle of a room
covered in rings from my tea cups
placed on the bare wood surface.
some of them looked like moons
or maybe eyes

My tea cup sat in front of me
steaming into the air
pronounced by the light
gleaming in from the window

I could feel the suns warmth
my entire body embraced
the same way your hands feel
wrapped around a freshly poured cup of tea

I took a sip
with my eyes open and
peering through the steam
sank deeper into my chair
watching the sun cast across the room
for hours transforming

my cup was empty
but I was not
The sun had fallen
but the warmth was still resonating

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