Monday, January 28, 2013


My beautiful mother and the Sheriff of our county. There are a lot of things to be said about this photograph that aren't necessarily visually represented. 

First thing is first, my mother is an exceptionally amazing woman. She is a wife, a mother, a mentor, an artist, an innovator, an inspiration, my hero, a life changer, a go getter, the list could go on for days so let me just tell you one reason why. Our world is a very dark and scary place for adults, now just imagine being a child born into it. As grown ups we have previous experience and knowledge that help us through the world starting with our basic education and beyond. We couldn't get to the place we are now without that background and parents to mentor us to that place. You might be able to imagine where I am going with this but if you can't, here it is on the table place and simple. 

Children today are being exploited.

In order to combat the ways children are being exploited my mother has started a non-profit organization in the city of Kalamazoo in order to stop the trafficking of children. There are a lot of great steps forward just in the state of michigan toward the protection of children from this awful reality but it can't stop there. The real question is how and why did it begin? 

As a mother of four children, naturally my mom was terrified when learning more and more about human trafficking. This photograph is from an event she hosted with her non-profit to inform the public about human trafficking in the hopes of preventing it from existence. 

Her movement is about a year in the works but has been making great strides forward. If you need any information, want to learn about, have experienced, or see the signs of human trafficking or her organization the website is below but there are a million other resources to help you as well.

Fight for what you believe in and if you see something that is wrong happening say something. In the end our children are the only means of the future we have, if we don't protect them our world can't move forward.

I have more images from this event and will post them in a photo update! I apologize for the crazy back up of pictures but this week end I travelled A LOT!


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