Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have lots of thoughts today but the one most prevalent is that life is really, really hard some times. Everything builds up easily seeming to have control over your life because a lot of different factors pull us in every different way. Some times it feels like too much to handle, decisions, paths, work before play, love, trust, family, friends... the list can continue for pages and pages. Our brains are constantly multitasking, thinking of a thousand things at once my brain hurts or sounds like a bunch of static! When I start to feel this way I have to write lists, creatively write, and take long walks or showers to collect my thoughts.

Other than the conclusion that life is hard, I also decided that life is one large collaboration. I mentioned before that the people in our lives, any and everyone we meet have some kind of impact on us; that is how I understand life as a collaboration. We couldn't do all we do without the help or support of others we know. Collaborating with people is hard, we have all done it in school or at work, a lot of the time collaborating is successful and the results are astonishing. Some how we all learn from and achieve things together through success or failures. Having lived some 21 years I understand how failing can have more value to me than a success. Being able to learn form failure is one of the hardest things in life to do besides having the motivation, energy, and optimism to pick yourself back up to try again or never go back.

So I suppose what I am saying is this collaboration called life is very hard but that is what makes it so worth living! Be brave. Be fearless. If you don't fear making mistakes because you see the value in pushing forward, you will never truly fail.

I am sorry if these thoughts seem fragmented, I am still very much in the process of connecting a lot of these loose wires myself.


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