Monday, December 31, 2012

Inexpensive Riches

As well as being a photographer I am a metal smith. This past semester was only my second semester in the metals studio so bare with me! Here is my artist statement:

An on going sense that my work seems to capture is the materialism of main stream america today that goes by the mottos of ‘more is better’ and ‘bigger is better’. I am making 5 very large prong set rings as a series and a pendant that is made up of 5 large prong settings. The rings get larger as the series continues showing a growth in size as time continues and the want for more. The pendant will have a sequence of of stones getting larger as well. Using recycled beads from old chandeliers found in Detroit and brass which looks like gold I am commenting on the fake, destructive and mirage like qualities of living a materialistic life. Most of the symbolism comes from the giant size of the beads which are secured in hand made prong settings. The bead is gaudy and way too large to function. The material the bead is made of is also very fickle, if it is dropped the wrong way it will chip, or even shatter. That is to say how easily broken consumer goods are today, once these items are broken they are thrown away thus adding to the destruction and pollution of our great country and even the world. 
This project also plays with the idea that looks are not what they may seem. This series of rings and pendant like I mentioned before are made from old chandelier beads and brass, which are not the best or most expensive materials but look very expensive and beautiful when properly finished. The beads may look like very large diamonds from far away but are really made from glass. The brass may look like a precious metal but is just a brightly polished brass.These pieces may all be worn together or individually, but the idea is to look as gaudy as possible. When all of the rings and the pendant are worn together one might feel ridiculous, or over dressed but that is exactly the point.  

Please stay tuned for more jewelry from me. I will soon be working on more unconventional jewelry once I master the basics in the hot shop. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Update

Here are some photos I thought were interesting from the week. I am trying this thing where I take my camera with me every where instead of just leaving it at home or instagraming. Have a look!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Right after the semester came back full force after Thanksgiving an old, young, friend from high school, Ruby, who is currently a freshman in college in New York stopped by Ann Arbor! Ruby and my very close friend Melania who is also one of my class mates, were working on their finals. I tagged along to be with the people I love in the city I love to show them some places to shoot and offer a little bit of my input.  Here are a couple of my behind the scenes shots from the day. You will quickly see how gorgeous Melania is! 

There is no telling the kinds of people you run into while visiting Detroit, that is one of the reasons I love it there. The man included in a couple of these photos was working behind the building that Ruby Melania and I were shooting on. He kept complimenting us, but I think the real compliments go to him on his kind, icy, blue eyes that held an optimistic glow inside. He was a very nice man, I am glad to have met him and hope to run into him again but maybe for some more one on one interactions with better photos on him!

All in all our day was lovely and I know Ruby got some amazing shots. Please check out both of their blogs and stay tuned for more from me!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Photos and Hip-Hop

For any one who does not know me, I am a photographer by nature. So naturally I do a lot of photographing outside and inside of my school work. But other than school and photography I love music. Going to a school like the University of Michigan I have the opportunity to meet a lot of diverse people who do a lot of different things.

So how does that tie in with music? Well, I have a pretty close group of friends in the city of Detroit and one of them has just started their music career. For this project I took photos of a friend of mine Shawn Bischoff who just released some new tracks. Check some of his music out if you have a chance. Getting back to where I play in this story, I took his pictures for the release of his new tracks and I would like to show them to you!

Please have a look.

Merry Christmas From the Cottage

Cheers to new blogs and first posts. I guess one can never have too many blogs in this day and age. Photos to come this week, but I am wishing you all a warm, welcoming holiday season!