Sunday, October 12, 2014

Craft Value.

I am an artist. 

I have always known this about myself.

Art is something I will never give up on because I was Born To Do It. More than ever it is important to work with your talents, to never give up on your passion because it is the reason you live and breathe. While people forget the importance of art or exploit it, do your job to get better, surpass the bullshit that attempts to shape your essence. Art is easily looked over but these are the things that document our time here and reach deep into our hearts & minds to help us think, understand, or learn something new, artists are underestimated... 

For now.

Reverse the perception. Realize the world needs artists. We are the people who shape the world, keep it colorful, keep it stylish. We are the reason people go out on weekends. We are the reason people get inspired. We inspire each other. We inspire the world. We are a community of inverted thinkers and culture shifters. While the media tries to shape the perception of the world, don't forget our counter role in their work. 

The world needs artists. 

We are important.

Never underestimate anyone, especially yourself. Keep in mind that people may be constantly underestimating you but if you use this to your advantage it can help you perfect your craft. The only person who knows your true worth is you. Push Yourself.

For so long I tried to photograph like other people because I thought that's how my work was supposed to look or wear clothes that weren't what I wanted because it was easier to fit in. Don't change your life path because it isn't playing out like the people around you. Don't change your opinions because they are different from the people arond you. Don't change your craft because it's not like what other people make. The message is still clear. Be Yourself.

People want you to stay in a box they set up for you. This is a reason being an artist is so hard! 

Life is simple but because humans are complex, we make life complicated. The box you initially play in is not your entire life or even a box at all. The important detail to remember is the box was set up by another person.. You are welcome to step out of it when you decide. This is the ground work for you to then leap! Explore, be curious, learn something new. Figure out who you are and how you work.

Art is hard but Art is the truth.

You are the truth.

And the truth is hard to hear, see and believe. 

If you know you are an artist don't veer away because it's not a popular decision. Listen to yourself. 

Everything is what you make it. Art is life. Life is art. Don't let anyone make your life but you. We are only here for so long and what you have to say, show, make, live is important if not only to you but the world.

Photos by Melania Plasko.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Never Loud Enough.

The Music, the colors, the light, the love, it's never loud enough.

 I am obsessed with all of the things I mentioned above and there never seems to be enough of any of them in life. At any given time I have at least 3 songs stuck in my head like the one below.

I have been obsessed with this song for a while. Tinashe has some powerful lyrics and a fantastic voice. This remix is near perfect. Tinashe is an artist I respect a lot for being herself in what she makes from dancing in her music videos to directing them! I would say she is a well rounded artist and this is why she inspires me so much. 

I love colors but I love weird bright colors. I love to match strange colors together like complements or ones that look inverted. This look I noticed the colors look inverted. The olive green and mustart yellow are similar to the inverse of the purple dots in my pants.

Along with funky colors I play a lot with the line between men's and women's clothing. To me the differences are huge in the eyes of our culture but I frequent the men's section at stores.  It is far to common for women's clothing to be too short and too tight. It drives me nuts some times! Don't conform to the standards set in front of you. Question everything.  I love mixing men's clothing or men's style fit clothing in with a pair of heels and makeup. That is exactly what I did with this look.

The more I am here on earth the more I realize how much people DON'T want you to be yourself. Intentional or not. If you have a distinct sense of style or way of thinking, or habit, never give up on it. People are always going to look at you funny. Don't conform to how some one else navigates through life. Until you need advice, you know what you are doing. Drown out all the thinking. outside ideas and imput so you can listen to your thoughts. You may find your path is way clearer than the one people are trying to directing you to.

Don't get me wrong. It is hard to stand out. It is hard to be yourself, especially when it feels like at any turn of the road people you love are questioning everything you stand for.

Just don't forget to pick yourself up or brush the shade off. Keep it light in your mind. Carry on while rocking your true sense of style and you will feel better. People may never catch up with who you are but you are all you need. When you know yourself and what you need nothing else matters.

The photos of this look were taken in Detroit, MI by Melania Plasko! She is amazing. look her up.

-Megan LaCroix

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just Don't Get it Yet.

Pass me something sharp so I can tear up the mainstream seam. Open your eyes so you don't become the meme. Open your mouth to say exactly what you mean. Yours or mine, it doesn't matter because we play for the same team. I see how they systematically rip up the scene. Penetrate your mind deeper than your dreams. Quick wake up! I'll show you how to spot the scheme. 

To all the punk ass nay sayers who do nothing but try to bring down life's true players; I see how you are scared. Broken eyes, slouching posture, you can't make it up these stairs because you need mental repairs. Your fear is expressed more than you think to share. Not looking into yourself to find the gold already there. Don't mind when you stare because it means your ass is glued to the systems chair. Looking from me to you, quick to compare while feeding me some story about how life isn't fair. The imposter in you stinks in the air. 

To anyone struggling to be themselves in a world where negativity reigns, smile instead of frowning. Life is too short to worry about any one but yourself and those who support you. Life is light if you let it be. Life is happy if that is what your surround yourself with. I have found much inner peace not associating with or being a part of some kind of larger group trying to absorb me into itself. 

I am an awesome person as myself. 

So are you. 

In this look I tried something different by putting the belt over all other pieces. This look is complete by a 90s corduroy button up the back trapeze dress with an olive green buttun up dress shirt under it. A vivid blue blazer over the dress tied together with a black, rose gold studded, belt on top. I like to tie in different colors like picking out a palette for the day. Dress it warmer with leggings or long socks. Dress it up by putting on a pair of heels or anckle boots. 

There isn't enough color in the world or worn every day.  I wear colors for many reasons but my main reason is they make me feel good. If you are what you consume then you also are what you wear. 

If people question you. Remember they just don't get it yet.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Listen to this Milo album. I don't have much to say but I have written a lot. I would like to share a little of my writing with you.

Consume me. Whole.
That is the only way
I am effective.

My element fire
but I am complete
by water.

This is where I am
light enough to float
the way I am supposed to
float like smoke.

Magick trick
with a saw.
You never see.
It is only an illusion.

Which part
would you like to know?
either way..
I am still crammed
into a box.

Birds gathering in flocks.
Their wings clipped.
minds being sipped.
hearts being ripped.

I drink to entire Reservoir.
it holds me.
Does that make it holy?
listening to the words
you told me.

I am turning blue
my blood runs cold

I am the kind of metal
you can't fold.
The person you love
to hold.
waiting around until
I mold.

The only thing
that makes me smile
is light.

Not the kind we
control by power.
but the kind that shines
to break the night.

Behind my eyes
I take flight.
I soar through
the stars.
my home base is mars.

More glorious
than a field of flowers.
I hold myself
higher than towers.
When I cry
we call it the may showers.

If you can only see
what you wish to beleive
the magick trick
is exactly how you wish
to decieve.

The whole wide world
is illuminated
by the sun.
so you know
where to run.

Every one together
makes a higher
form of god.
The one where we
control our fate.
Where we eliminate
all forms of hate.

Believe in Love and life
not hate and fear.
This message has
remained clear.

Consume me. Whole.
This is how we nurture our gifts.
This is how the weight lifts.
This is how the world shifts.

Remove the myths.
Shaken sturred lines.
Down the hatch.

Love yourself.
Love your world.

This is the heat that will make you sleep.
The memories you long to keep.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little About A Lot

All my life people have told me to smile more. I never really took their advice. I shrugged it off and acted like what they said wasn't serious. Lately I have been reconsidering how I responded to some one saying that to me. Why would I ever shrug off people wanting to see me happy? That seems silly right?

Never stop listening.

You don't have to take action on what you hear but be active with your ears. A lot of the time, even if you don't wantto hear it, the advice you are given, even from strangers, is really helpful.  It has not been until recently I realized how TRUE this statement is!


In fact I should smile all the time. I am a happy person.

I have a coworker I admire because she is always light. She is always smiling. She is always cheerful. I enjoy being around her because of that. I can feel it is sincere too. Today while we worked together I told her that I admire her and asked how she smiles all the time. Her response was so obvious. We have ALL heard it before in some way or another.

"you put your smile on with your clothes"

I love it. I promise to put my smile on tomorrow and not take it off. There is no reason not to smile when life is with you. I am alive therefore I am happy. There is no need for the heavy emotions to rule when there is so much to be happy about.

Getting older and moving out into the world on your own can spark a lot of raw emotions you never thought you had. It can also make you realise things about yourself that you may not like or know were habits.

Being constrctively critical of yourself is important if you are trying to achieve something. No one is perfect but we know what we want to look like, do and achieve. I have been taking many steps to better myself in the last couple weeks. I love myself and want to grow into who I dream of being. I have many goals and know I can't stay the same if I want to grow.

The power of your mind is impressive. If you can think it, you can do it.

This is the truth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stand Out

Most of the time I feel like I stand out an absurd amount. I know this is because creative people are a little different butl, it makes me a bit anxious. I have always been shy. So a lot of looking in my general direction is enough to make me turn red.

On top of being shy, I am clumsy! It is not a good combination. I am the first to spill a drink in someones lap or fall backwards from my chair to the floor. So. Awkward. Naturally my contradicting habits and personality leave me with a lot of stares and heat rushing to my face.

I blush.

A lot.

No matter how clumsy or shy, I am not afraid to try anything. I know how to laugh at myself instead of taking myself too seriously. This is a really good habit to hold onto. Be able to laugh at your mistakes or when you are upset about something. This may seem like  hard habit to keep but if you just slow down before the emotions kick in you can save yourself from a lot of wasted time.

No matter how calm I try to be there is always room for error and I will admit some times my emotions still get the best of me. Know that it is also OKAY to mess up if you can fess up to it and apologize.

This is a concept my new job has been constantly reminding me of. Accountability. Holding yourself accountable for the things you say and do. This is a really hard thing to do, even when it is small. Being honest and admitting to your faults will get you a whole lot farther than playing the blame game or lying. This is my advice, you play the game how you want to. We learn faster from living than we do from listening anyway.

This weeks look is a sporty but rock n roll combination. Playing with the height and fit of the chrome greek goddess dress I found at forever 21. I tied up the bottom to show off the boots and shorten the length. When I hit the closet to get dressed I am thinking of ways to wear the clothes I have different ways.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Born to do it.

Good Evening! This marks the completion of my second week of work. I was on the point stitch machines the entire week. I am having a lot of trouble getting accurate and clean point stitches. I am assuming with more time I will become a pro at it. While I am still learning, I am trying not to get so down on myself for not being perfect. It is easy to get down on yourself when you aren't instantly good at the things you do.

What I am finding is Shinola is a diverse work evironment. There are all kinds of people old and young, every ethnicity, from many different backgrounds working together to make one final product. The timeless wearable, A watch.

After work this week I was helping Eric Schantz from Saginaw paint a mural in a charter school on the East side. Painting at the school reminds me of a lot of my previous work. In middle school I was painting on large pieces of canvas, backdrops for school plays and murals on the sides of laundromats. I later in college did work on the Brightmoor Farmway that involved a lot of large scale painting as well. There is nothing more exciting than a fresh area to paint that is multiple times larger than you.

On one of the last days I worked on the mural in the school with Eric there was an open house. Students, teachers, parents, everyone was in the school while we painted together. People were talking to us. Telling us how much they loved the new art in their school. This moment reminded me of how happy art makes people. How important artists are to the world even though we are so undercredited and not respected in our western culture.

Art is important.
Art is something we need.

Similar to the mural I'v been helping paint a couple members of the Heavenly Dogs art & design collective painted canvases live at the Motor City Gumball Rally closing ceremony in Campus Martious. I photographed and took video while chatting up by standers about the DIM Battles happening in september. You will be surprised the amount of support the public has for art and artists. It is always interesting to talk to people walking by to get their ideas about art into the conversation.

What I am really trying to get at here is I miss painting. I miss making art and I miss painting large scale. I am a born artist but I think my real purpose in this field is to paint as large and possible and as colorful as possible. If all goes well over the next couple years I will be working on Shinola's creative team as a designer of products or on their highs fashion photography. I will also be painting in schools around the city. I am hoping Eric and I work together a lot more. Painting is a part of my life that I can't not endulge in.

My look this week is classic with a splash of plaid and color with a studded edge. Thank you to Melania for the fantastic photos and a good time. Little black dress is from Banana Republic, shoes from aldo, pants from Uniqlo. I am thinking of getting more into the modeling side of fashion ontop of remaining involved with the photographic side. So get ready for some strange inverted roles around here!