Monday, September 5, 2016

Coast to Coast Pt. 1

My summer adventures continue. I flew into LA ready for an adventure. My friends Zoe and Orlando were the pilots of the road trip with no real plans but to get to Shelton, WA for peace and music with wonderful company. 

The drive was scenic. It's a miracle how the landscape changes as you drive north. Some times the land touches the ocean, some times there are vineyards. Some times the hills and mountains are tan velvet, some times the hills and mountains are rocky with trees. 

There are so many places to go in the world. traveling to different places is what fuels me. The vast differences in atmosphere in all senses and meanings of the word, then to consider how all places are also analogous. Understanding this concept is balance. Just like people. The starkness of our individuality, the absoluteness of our similarities. I find exploration of the world, its spaces, getting to know people, discovery, self discovery, curiosity nurtured is the best way to center on yourself; How you figure out exactly who you are. 

I've made this trip down the coast with Zoe a few years ago. This time we traveled north to Washington and before we drove down to LA from Seattle. This trip completed the cycle. So much of the trip looked new yet I know I've seen these exact places before. My vision is a lot like memories. 

Old friends are your best friends. It's astounding to see how we grow, especially while apart. I said it before, it felt like no time passed between us. Our first stop was in Santa Barbara, CA. What a glorious beach. We purchased Tacos to eat on the shore. We watched tiny sail boats soar through the water, the waves nestling into the sand, people feeling the refreshing energy of the ocean.I love how the water reflects the sky. Palm trees stretched into the sky like fire works on the fourth of July. We walk to the beach to the pier after eating. We walked to the end then got in the car headed to our next destination for, San Jose, for the night.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whims & Prelims

This summer has been full of travel and self development. I took a road trip from Los Angeles, CA to Shelton, WA with a few dear friends for the 4th of July. We stopped in a few smaller cities to rest through our cross country trip. There was a little art festival in small town called Trinidad in Northern California. It is near the Redwood Forest. At the art festival I met a wonderful artist named Jill Overbaugh. She creates original pieces and up cycled clothing which she dyes naturally with interesting twists to add design, color and depth. I purchased an up cycled slip she dyed with turmeric, flowers and rusty keys! We pick the point of this story up on my travels back to Michigan.

One of my best friends moved to Colorado this summer. After driving up to Washington, I took a couple days to visit my friend in Colorado. I wore the dress I found in Trinidad out to a couple parties. I also had to snap a couple photos of me wearing the dress by the mountains.

Colorado was a thrill. We tubed down the Boulder Creek. I thought my friend and I were going to die several times. The water was also bone chilling cold because it is melted snow from the mountains. Not only are you swept away with the rush of the water there are large rocks scattered everywhere posing other threats to your body and consciousness. The experience will make you feel more alive than ever. I highly recommend it.

There is no way to describe the majesty of the mountain ridges. The mountains are green with trees and stones burst out of the sides in jagged motions toward the sky. You get a sense of how the surface of the earth moves, how such giants are created. It must be natural to reach upward to the sky while holding onto the earth beneath you digging deeper to keep balance. The summer sun set some of the foliage on fire on the other side of the mountains. You could see smoke in the air and in the clouds. There was also a scent of burnt pine trees in the wind. It smelled really good but when reality sets in about the forest fires it becomes a little eerie.

The Rocky Mountains spoke in languages unknown but I was listening. Every color inspired my art. The elements of nature touched my soul. It was so refreshing to be outside and that high in the atmosphere. Jumping in the Boulder Creek on top of tubing in it changed my life. The strength of the water, the pull of the current, the stillness of the stones, the bubbles rushing across your body, the gushing sound of the water surrounding you. If you have the chance to jump in or go tubing, brush past any fear you might have. Just to do it.

It's always a blessing to hold onto old friends, especially ones like mine from High School. It felt like nothing changed and no time had gone. I am so thankful to have her in my life. These are the moments that I truly cherish and look forward to. These are the times that engrave themselves in your memories forever. These are the things we carry with us as we grow. These are the people you push yourself with.

Challenge yourself.

Live your dreams.

Love yourself.

Your Ambitions are not childish they are magnificent.

Megan LaCroix

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Never Doubt

Never doubt yourself. Ever.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Just make the opportunity for yourself.

Then do it!

This month I pushed myself to try things I've never done but have always wanted to do.

No. You won't be perfect when you try something new. What if you find something you LOVE to do while exploring new paths?

Life is about to development. It is about the journey we take. It's about being a student of life. It is about letting yourself get uncomfortable. Explore and expand your levels of comfort.

Nervousness is not bad. Nervousness is you breaking a personal boundary. Take risks.

For the first time I got on stage and tried to perform music with a group I am part of called Coin Laundry. I stopped caring about if I was good enough or what I sound like. I have always wanted to do it. Beyond my nerves. I made my mind up. I did it.

Confidence is key to personal success. Earlier this month I did two interviews. One on Urban Nation Radio and the other with Watch Detroit. Studying Journalism and having Arson Capital gave me the experience needed to complete these live interviews. Surprisingly I was not nervous about either interview. I felt confident and I didn't doubt myself for a second. I find myself wishing I did more of these jobs. 

Photography has helped me understand how getting to know your subject and helping them get comfortable around you with a camera requires a certain kind of communication. It is not much different for interviews.  When you know who you are without a doubt, others will find the same self confidence. 

Be bold. Step into the light of life. We are so capable of anything. 

Don't doubt yourself.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Real Talk.

Real talk people need to be more supportive of each other. Real talk we could use a lot more positive energy in general.  Real talk art, creativity, this thing we call life, needs some extra attention right now. Real talk our communities need support. 

#artists!! It is important that we keep art alive. We have to work together and we have to stay true to ourselves. Our modern culture shames the artist life style but we have to stand strong and support each other. Don't forget why you make things and never stop creating. Art is not only relevant but necessary. Art is the only true self expression be it through music or acting or painting. Arti is life! We need it!

 Follow your impulse to draw or take a photo. Make that birthday card for your best friend. Just don't stop making. We are the reason questions are asked. We can teach so many life lessons and open perspectives. Support your creativity and the creativity of others around you. It doesn't take science or studies to know or understand if art disappears our world will be a much more negative place. 

Ask questions. Stay true to you. Express yourself. Be bold. Be bright. Be strong. Be love. Be light. Be color. Be original. Be understanding. Be fearless. 

As an artist I LOVE working with other artists. I love to see how others express themselves. The things we make are the truest forms of us. These things have spirit. Our spirits, emotions,, attitudes, inspire each other. Ourselves and the things we make are what keeps the world moving. We spend too much time working for other people and trying to be what other people want us to be. We can't supress personalities or emotions. 

It is an honor to know and work with so many creative people. I hope everyone finds inspiration in the things and peopl around them. Try to make something everyday. Big or small. Simple or complex. Our individual styles are so important to a balanced life and world. 

I look forward to many new collaborations this year. I am working on my summer line of jewelry and accessories. Make sure you are supporting the artists around you. Give back when you can. Kind words and conversation go a long way. We can continue to push each other but we have to work with one another along the way.

Go to your local craft and art fairs. Find your neighborhood or city's little boutiques featuring local and small artists. When you shop for gifts, think local. There are no shortages of holidays and occasions that call for gifts. There is so much surrounding us, Now go find it! 

Photography by Jabari Smith

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jetset Mindset.

I recently got home from a 3 week vacation with a couple family members. Not only was it amazing to spend so much time with family members I miss and love but I was able to relax. Traveling by car is absolutely imparative to exploration of our country and your constantly growing mind. I was able to catch up with my friends from Tennessee to do some modeling. Brandon Sharp is the owner and creator of Bogey Life.


Bogey shirts are inspired by American history and icons. When visiting Brandon I was surprised by the historic relevance of Chattanooga, TN. Being from Michigan it is uncommon if not unheard of to go to a Civil War battle area. Every battle is important too. 

One particular place we went called Point Park struck an interest. It's location and height in consideration to military strategy made sense to me. The elevation allowed you to see Tennesee, Alabama and Georgia.  It's also next to the Tennessee River. 

During the American Civil War a battle took place at now called Point Park, formerly called Lookout Mountain,  and is commonly referred to as 'The Battle Above the Clouds'. This battle was won by the Union, lifting confederate control over Chattanooga. 

Why explain any of this? Our history is important. As a culture, a country, a community and an individual. The things in our past are reflections, shadows, mirrors, prints of who and what we are today. Think about how many lives on both sides we lost fighting for liberty. Think of all the families whose lives were changed by this battle and many more. 

We seem to frame our accomplishments in a negative scope. This has to stop. Progress, change, shifts, all of these things take time. Remember learning for the first time? We don't start all knowing, we grow and experience. First you learn the letters, then you learn to read and write, next comes grammar. We develop through time. It is important to keep moving forward. We fight small battles every day. We have to be thankful we aren't experiencing actual war in our country, remember what our wars were faught to prevent and treat every day accordingly. 

There are too many things and people trying to bring everyone down to work in favor of negativity. Smile as you walk by people. Be polite in public places. Lead by example. If you see or hear something that isn't exactly right, ask questions. Try to shed some light on the shadowy spaces of others minds. We all go through it. Teach in life, don't judge. We have to take care of one another becuase no one else is going to do that. Our lives are too precious to be distracted from reality. Love is too real to show only hate. 

I have had it up to here with how stagnant our times are. Hear me out. Please share your ideas. This is all positivity. I will not tolerate any ignorance so if you put yourself on blast prepare to get eaten alive by the social media trolls.

We are ALL entitled to our opinions about anything but let me give you the reality our media will not give you. 

Black people are not bad, violent, thieves or any other negative stereotype because of their skin color. Muslims are not all out to get you or bomb you because of their religion. Not all white people are racist. Not all Christians hate gays. Not all men want to rape you because you are a woman. Not all women want to have sex with you because they dance, strip, or participate in the sex industry. Think about how and why these things are so prevalent in our news papers and main stream media.

One action from one person or a small group of people is not an absolute for every one. In fact bad people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So stop assuming ideas and associating stereotypes with communities of people or large groups of people or one person. It makes every one look bad and what you think you know is probably 100% wrong. 

I don't know if any one reads any more because videos, titles that tell the whole story, lists, and so much other digital garbage clutter our memory spaces but much love and thank you if your attentnion span is still long enough to read these posts. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The gravity of things is we are constantly being pushed down. 


We stand up every day and that is a small win. 
Think about it. 

We always fight to stand against gravity.

Reality check. 

If you can stand you are winning. 
If you can walk even better. 
We have strength all the time. 
Be it large amounts or small. 

Remember you have it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I have sat very quietly and patiently for bout 23 years listening to all the garbage people talk about each other and today it stops. Talk is cheap and it is always on sale. It is free if you talk to to right people about the wrong stuff. I have had enough. 

While people have told me not to get an ego, while people have told me I can’t do this or that because of some bullshit reason, I have been calculating. I have been adding it all up. My threshold has been hit.

Keep other peoples names out of your mouth unless you are helping them. Don’t speak badly about any one or anything you don’t know about. The second you do this is the moment you stop caring about the person you are talking about. 

For some reason people have put me up as a target for sexuality. Great. I will engage in any kind of respectful, insightful, polite, conversation about this. No problem. Just be ready for the realness. I don’t like games.

Do not disrespect me. Yes I have a sexuality. No I don’t want to sleep with you. No I do not hurt people. No I don’t want to talk about it with you. No it is not okay for you to talk about what you assume I do. No it is not okay for you to bring up my history, which you have no knowledge of because you aren’t me or the other person, in public. No you don’t get to treat me any differently. No it is NONE of your business.

Understand that words speak as loud as words and actions. That whole bullshit surrounded by ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is automatically discredited based on that fact. SPEAKING IS AN ACTION. 

Stop exploiting people you call your friends by talking about their lives, relationships and habits. Stop treating other differently based on things you hear. This is the exact reason people are so awful to each other. You speak generally about a group of people or a person and others believe. Then they act. The cycle continues.  

We can’t be ourselves if we are self conscious about who we are. The only reason are self conscious is because we constantly talk about each other and compare each other. Take the pledge to stop judging people for things they have never done to you personally. Take the time to get to know people actually instead of judging them. What you hear about others is most likely not true. Were you even there? Probably not. Things get taken out of context all the time. Have you never watched our media? Do you follow any celebrity? 

WE KNOW THINGS PEOPLE SPEAK ABOUT OTHERS IS NORMALLY NOT TRUE. Stop broadcasting shade and hate. Stop spreading negativity and treating people badly with sources without credibility. 

I am a giver. I am an artist. I am a healer. I inspire people. I am a woman and I demand respect the same way you do. Treat others like you want to be treated. This is the lesson we have been teaching since our eyes opened. If you want to know something about some one just ask them, politely. 

The past is the past. Just because some one did something before doesn’t mean it defines them or it is a habit of theirs. We all do things we aren’t proud of. These decisions are not who you are. Don’t let any one bring you down because they use the past as a refrence. Today is today and yesterday will never come back. Yes History repeats itself but the beauty about being yourself is you have complete control over your own actions! So mind your own business.  

Photos by the one and only PHANTOM DEER.